Project Description

Revolution Bar

Location: Clapham, London
Year: 1999
Client: Soho Gyms
Value: £1.2m

Between 1999 and 2009 our practice undertook five projects for Soho Gyms, of which Revolution Bar was the most significant. This multi-use new build development in London included a gym, spa, tanning salon and two residential units. The dramatic curved glass façade of the building has become a local street landmark.

The brief was to develop the site to include a 10,000.00 square foot fitness gymnasium similar to the one previously completed for the same client in Camden and any other additional uses possible. The approved scheme included a restaurant winebar, a maisonette and a large high street shop. The scheme is a landmark in the Clapham High Street scene. The distinctive façade visually held in place with two solid ‘book ends’ which form the entrances to the gym and flat.

Revolution Bar features in our publication 25 Projects, celebrating our first 25 years of practice from 1992 to 2017. Find out more and read the book on our website here.

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